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Coral are a betting and gambling group based in the United Kingdom. While they do predominantly focus on sports betting, they are also now linked with the largest bingo operator in the UK market, Gala Bingo. As part of the merger of the two the group became known as Gala Coral Group.

The company have almost 1800 officially licensed betting locations throughout England and the rest of Europe, employing more than 19,000 members of staff as of 2012. While their headquarters are officially based in Nottingham, England, they do also have an extremely large office in Stratford, London – the location of the 2012 Olympic Games. With over 30 land-based casinos across the United Kingdom, they are also one of the largest casino operators in the country.

The roots of the bookmaking aspect of the business go back to 1926, when Joe Coral began offering odds at the local Greyhound course, which is thought to be the Walthamstow dog track which still runs to this day. Naturally, with so many years under their belt when betting shops became legal in 1960, Coral were one of the first companies to officially launch a fixed land-based presence on the high street in 1961.

Over the next 20 years Coral expanded at a highly impressive rate, owning and operating 650 betting shops in 1981 when they were acquired by Bass for an undisclosed fee. 16 years later Coral is once again up for sale, with Ladbrokes making the acquisition. The purchase was eventually blocked by regulators who felt that Ladbrokes were in a position to maintain a monopoly over the industry. So, in 1999 Morgan Grenfell Private Equity purchase the company and added Eurobet to the business, making Coral is the third largest bookmaker in the United Kingdom.

The company were once again sold in 2002 to Charterhouse Development Capital, who have maintained ownership to this day and expanded into European markets under the Eurobet brand. Eurobet have secured more than 400 betting licences in Italy for a variety of sports including football, horse racing and rugby. Additionally, they have also attempted to branch out into China as part of a joint-venture.  The online version offers a free bet to use on the site and you can access it here at Coral Promo Code, by clicking on the button at the top of this page.

Coral are currently in the process of moving their head office to space above the Westfield’s shopping centre in Stratford, London. The brand-new shopping centre was built as part of the development process required for the Olympic bid and overlooks the Olympic Stadium in the poverty stricken region of east London. It is widely expected that this will bring hundreds, if not thousands of jobs to the area and drive not only the business forward but also the local community.

Coral also operate their own broadcasting department, from which Coral TV and Gala TV of run. This move has put them amongst an elite group of betting and gambling companies that are available on the airwaves and helps to drive new custom to the business, whilst also engaging existing clientele with the brand.

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